Comixplain AR

This page presents the results of the Comixplain Workshop held during the Creative Media Summer School held at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences from June 26th until June 30th. 2023. During this workshop, participants were guided to create a mixed-media production based on comic books created by the Comixplain team.

Le Code Café

Take a tour through the scenario of "Primitive Data Types". Get to know the Café and exercise your knowledge in this interactive experience.

By Michelle Palatin & Viktoria Schneider

Think and Do

In this augmented "Mathematical Thinking" experience, you will get to engage with the story in a different way. Help the waiter make his decisions and use games to practice your combinatorial skills.

By Alice Cania & Alexandru Manolache

Audio Discovery

This application offers you a new way to engage with the explanation of Primitive Data Types. Turn your volume up, start exploring, and enjoy this rich auditory experience taking place at Le Code Café.

By Julian Geitzenauer & Benjamin Schober

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